Quality & environmental policy


Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Ytl works on a market supplying transports. On this market Ytl would appear as the best alternative regarding: Environmental adaptation, Quality and Safety.

From our own resources and conditions we work for a better environment, and with basis from our own, the world around and our customers’ demands and conditions we strive for offering environmental effective transports at every transport occasion. We keep us up to date with the current rules and regulations concerning our activities, and we work for constant improvements. We work for preventing contaminations and making great demands upon our suppliers to lively work with environmental issues to continuously reduce our environmental influence.

We wish to meet our customers’ needs, and our high-quality workmanship is therefore influenced by the key-words: Availability, Punctuality and Reliability.

We have well-working traffics, which deliver goods to the right address at the appointed time. We regard our staff as an important resource in our quality and environmental work, and it is therefore important that all the staff is familiar with this policy and involved in the environmental work. This means among other things that our traffic planners daily work with optimizing the degree of utilization for the vehicles and minimizing the number of empty kilometers.


Working Environment Policy

Ytl shall work for a good working environment and be a safe and attractive working place. This is done by taking care of the competence of our staff and giving them possibilities to develop and be responsible for their own work. We lively work for preventing accidents, industrial injury and sicknesses so that our low sickness absence shall be kept. This is done among other things through our no drug and smoking work place.

Besides that we keep us up to date with current rules and regulations within the working environment field and see to it that these ones are obeyed, we constantly strive for improvements of the working environment and take up the working environment matters on the minutes kept at staff conferences least once a year. It is therefore important that all the staff is familiar with this policy and involved in creating a good and pleasant working environment.


Traffic Safety Policy

Our purpose is always to effect the most effective transport solutions for you with maintained high safety. We achieve this among other things as: The orders are effected by qualified personnel with the right training and competence. The orders are planned so that it is possible to effect them with execution of the ruling traffic regulations. Loading, unloading and fastening of the cargo take place according to the ruling regulations. Regulations about running and rest time are obeyed.

Moreover our drivers shall convey the vehicle at a speed suitable for the traffic and state of the road. Keep a road safe distance to the vehicle before. Show special regard to unprotected road-users as cyclists and pedestrians. Behave in such a way in the traffic that Ytl is regarded as a safe supplier by the public. Never use alcohol or other drugs during the working time and never be influenced when they come to their working place.

All must contribute

”Based on our own resources and conditions, we work for improving environment”


We want to satisfy our customers’ needs and our quality work is therefore determined by the keywords: